All I would add was the hypnotherapy was a great experience it really helped me learn how to control my anxiety and nerves and I definitely think as a result I'm a much calmer and more adaptable individual and the service that she provide was professional and friendly and I would highly recommend any one to come see her!


I am starting a relationship with my father and weirdly I have a wonderful relationship with my step-mother. My view is that it's down to you and whatever you did - or removed from me! You have my complete respect and thanks for what I consider to be nothing short of a miracle. I am so grateful to you.


I haven't smoked since our Hypnotherapy session. I have had a few dreams of smoking though!


Hypnotherapy was nothing as I initially imagined. I was always aware of my thoughts and actions, it felt more like deep relaxation and a chance to give myself time for deeper thoughts.
I conquered my fear of childbirth in one session. Although it was my third baby I was worried about the delivery. Opening up about it and some positive thinking made it literally disappear; those worries did not reoccur.
Would recommend it to any mum to be.


I had three sessions with Hiroko and it enabled me to make some significant changes in my life. I feel like everything has gradually become easier. I was lost and didn’t know what to do for my work. The sessions helped me to see what is really important to me and I was so excited to find it. I am pleased that new ideas sprang out, and the passion that had faded away came back.
Through the sessions, I regained confidence in my own self worth. I would like to thank Hiroko for all that she has done for me.


Thank you very much for yesterday.
It was a mysterious experience that I had never tasted in my life. After it was over, I realised I had made the right decision by coming to you. My eyes are swollen today because I cried so much.
I have held my sadness in for so long, and crying was a huge release.
I was anxious and tense at the beginning of the session but relieved at the end and now I'm so much more relaxed.
I really appreciate you looking after me so much.


I used to have insomnia and always woke up at midnight every night, for decades. Although I was careful about my diet and took exercise, it didn’t help. I knew the cause was deep routed and couldn’t be fixed with medicine unless I treated the cause. But I just ignored it and tried to convince myself it would be alright.
This was my first experience with hypnotherapy, but after the first session I was already feeling relieved. I don’t know why, but there were so many thoughts, images and emotions that came out that I can’t express in words. I felt like I found a light that I had hesitated to switch on for such a long time. After a few sessions, I was only getting up occasionally at night, but you dealt with it in the next session and after that I was fine. I was so relieved and felt like a weight had been lifted. Half a year has passed and my problems with sleeplessness are over. I am really glad I called you. Thank you so much!

Mr. I

I nearly drowned in the sea when I was about 8 or 9 years old. When I became adult, suddenly I had feeling of phobia about water. Then I was scared to even drink a glass of water. A friend of mine advised me to have a hypnotherapy session with Hiroko. Soon after we started talking I felt very comfortable and that helped me to talk freely. The hypnotherapy session was very calm and relaxing. It was about an hour in hypnosis but I felt the time flew by! After the session, my feeling towards water changed immediately. I feel more positive about not only water but other things as well. I was so surprised that only one session can make such a difference. It was a very satisfactory result and I am so pleased about it. Thank you very much.

Ms. K

This was my first experience with hypnotherapy. I couldn't believe how I felt, like my body floated. And I had such clear images in my mind. After the session, my feeling of heaviness that I had had for a long time had disappeared. I found a new job and am going back to work at the end of this week. I can't believe that happened so quickly. I am now feeling so much more enthusiastic and passionate! I feel more motivated and am looking forward to new experiences. Thank you for your help, I am so pleased I decided to try you.


Like many people, I was quite nervous before my first hypnotherapy session and did not know what to expect… Hiroko Ashley-Wilson, however, quickly put my nerves to rest. The experience was not only relaxing and stimulating, but enlightening in a way I did not anticipate. Hiroko's intelligence and insight helped me massively with the short term goal of passing a driving test… I would strongly recommend anybody struggling with a crisis in their lives to consider hypnotherapy. In Hiroko you will find a skilled and sympathetic practitioner.


Over several sessions with her, I always have excellent experience. I appreciate her help because my situation has been improved a lot and noticed much more self confidence and positivity. My family recognised the differences of the change and they have recommended to other people too. Her therapy is so empowering and very different from meditation or councelling.


Before going to my first hypnotherapy session with Hiroko Ashley-Wilson, I didn't even know what hypnotherapy was. But the comfortable environment of the studio instantly convinced me, and I felt I was entering a safe journey into my unconscious mind, the one closer to our dreaming state. But differently from the former, where we often feel powerless or overwhelmed, this time it was me – with the helpful advice of her – who had the power of addressing the flow of thoughts and feelings arising. A really empowering experience that I would recommend to anyone wanting to enter more finely in tune with his deeper self.


I have had over 5 sessions with Hiroko. She is very professional though and calm! I enjoy the sessions and she has helped me in many aspects/concerns. The most memorable experience was my first session, being skeptical about hypnotherapy, she was quickly able to ease me and discuss the process. I was hooked, felt energised and confident. My anxiety was deduced. I have recommended friends and family and had great feedback.


The session was very good as I was deeply relaxed and listened. Just after a few days, I am in peace, everything was changed. I used to be so irritated and rushed but now I became more patient. I was less worried or annoyed by children or my husband. I was even able to laugh and make a joke of them instead of being irritated. I feel more positive energy, more focus definitely quite relaxed. I would recommend her as I feel the therapy is really helping me.

Mrs. S

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