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Welcome to my website. I hope you find it helpful.

When you try to find a therapist, it is not so easy. You may feel overwhelming, especially there are many therapists and psychotherapists offer different services and approaches. You may feel unsure who is the right one for you.

I hope I can help you to make the first step a little easier by offering you 15 minutes of free consultation. It may provide you an opportunity to see if my approach is something you are looking for. You may able to find a better sense if we can start working together.

I have a wide range of skills and expertise in many different areas, and it is a chance whether or not you receive the best possible approaches to suit your needs and expectations.


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We all want to be happy, but life can be difficult at time.

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"I feel that I’ve made a lot of progress. Thank you so much for your help all these past months - I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you!"

"Great result with excellent service.  Solution to the core. Highly recommended."

"This was my first time doing hypnotherapy but quickly I felt more confident with it and good things occurred in my life. My anxiety has gone, I am more positive with myself and I want to go and do more fun. Thank you."

"Seeking out hypnotherapy was a good decision whilst finding and opting to use Hiroko's services was an even better decision!"

Hypnotherapy is...

Gentle and safe way to make positive changes in your life.
It is not something special, we are all naturally experience some altered state of awareness (hypnosis) throughout a day.

And hypnotherapists can apply this situation for therapy for your own benefit. That is a powerful yet gentle, and advantageous approach if used appropriately.

Please consider if you can trust your therapist who works with you safely and effectively.

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Hypnotherapy is Not...

miracle cure, but we can all have some help with our problems. Also NOT manipulative or mind control, it is rather a great way to help yourself to break free from your bad habit or patterns.

Hypnotherapy is always self-hypnosis, meaning...

If you don't want to change, hypnotherapy would not work! Because your mind is always supportive (even if it sometimes seems not!) for you, so you won't accept any changes if you don't agree with it.


What hypnotherapy can help with?

Hypnotherapy is a form of complementary therapy that utilises the power of positive suggestion to bring about subconscious change to our thoughts, feelings, and behaviour.

By accessing the subconscious mind, which controls 90% of our behaviour, we can change our negative beliefs, fears, old traumas, and habits and replace them with new, healthy, and empowering ones. Even illness, pain, or irregular body functions can be improved or eradicated.

The hypnotic state is a psychological phenomenon and can benefit almost anyone to improve their physical, emotional and mental health.



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Hypnotherapist in north and central London

Hypnotherapy London, Hiroko is a female Clinical Hypnotherapist in London. She specialises in meaningful sessions with a focus on results. She offers tailor-made sessions to help people to change their habits, feel more confident and reduce anxiety and stress levels. Contact today to find out your hypnotherapy with Hiroko.

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